GHD vs Cloud Nine: The Battle of the Hair Straighteners

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Looking for a comparison of GHD vs Cloud Nine? You’re on the right page!

Both GHD and Cloud Nine make salon-quality hair straighteners, curlers, and a variety of other hair care and styling tools. Therefore, you are not going wrong buying a product from either of them.

However, there are certain differences between the two brand’s offerings that you should know before you go out and shop.

GHD vs Cloud Nine: Which is Better?

Cloud Nine Original Hair Straightener

GHD vs Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine Original Iron Straightener

The Cloud Nine Original Hair Straightener is a staunch competitor of the GHD. It comes with a variable temperature setting, as opposed to the fixed one on GHD straighteners.

Accordingly, not only will you be able to control the temperature. But you’ll be able to choose from a variety of heat settings so it can match your hair type.

For many people, this will ensure they get the best performance from their Cloud 9 straightener.

So, if you’re not a fan of the fixed heat setting, Cloud 9 offers you a good alternative.

So many people say that ghd straighteners are award-winning and the brand is able to Capitalize on that too. Cloud 9 isn’t left behind too.

The brand also boasts multi-awards for good performance, just like ghd. Again, they stand up high against GHD.

Another nice add-on to buying Cloud Nine products is that the company can help you recycle your old straightening irons, free of charge.

This is a great service for you if you live a minimalistic lifestyle. Once you buy new ones and no longer need old ones, just send them in. Thus, you can declutter at no extra cost to you.

GHD Hair Straighteners

The GHD Platinum+ Professional Hair Styler

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum
ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler

The Ghd Platinum is the best alternative for those searching for premium-quality hair straighteners.

They are commonly considered top-notch choices in case you’re hoping to pick the GHD brand. Even though they’re perfect for salons, you may, in any case, need to consider the Platinum.

This is even more important if you are searching for hair straighteners to use at home.

Most hair straighteners heat up to 230 degrees C, though the ideal temperature for styling that won’t cause any harm is progressively similar to around 185 degrees C.

Platinum is designed to remain at 185 degrees constantly. Platinum is also known to make hair shinier by 20%. And last but not least, Platinum is designed to replace the Eclipse.

Ghd Eclipse Professional Styler

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum
ghd Eclipse Professional Styler

After the launch of Platinum, GHD discontinued the manufacturing of Eclipse.

However, you can still find the Eclipse in the market. Platinum is less expensive than Eclipse and does essentially everything that the Eclipse could do in any case.

Eclipse was by a wide margin the most costly model of GHD; however, regarding ease of use, it wasn’t quite a bit of an improvement over their different models accessible.

It received many complaints, which the organization redressed by offering an alternative markdown on their different items. Eclipse doesn’t exist anymore, so make sure that you don’t buy it as it’s probably going to be a fake model of the first.

GHD vs Cloud Nine: How Do They Compare?

Heating Range

GHD straighteners use heating in the 175 to 185 degrees Celsius range. GHD stylers function optimally in this temperature range.

The heat distribution is courtesy of aluminum plates that have a thin ceramic layer. GHD stylers take 30-40 seconds to reach their maximum temperature.

Cloud Nine hair straighteners come with adjustable heat settings.

This means you can vary the styler’s temperature between 100 and 200 degrees Celsius, with seven different options to work with.

Cloud Nine straighteners also use mineral-coated ceramic plates. They leave your hair conditioned and soft once the styling is done. Also, their straighteners take just 20 seconds to hit the maximum on the thermometer.

Shape and Design

GHD straighteners stand out with their sleek black frame and copper-colored iron plates. Cloud Nine straighteners are known for their matte black plates and bodies, besides their sleek designs.

In terms of weight, both brands weigh pretty much the same. However, Cloud Nine offerings are designed to be a lot more travel-friendly.

The Range

Both brands offer pretty diverse sets of hair straighteners, catering to different types and lengths of hair.

Some of GHD’s popular offerings are the Original Professional, Gold Professional, and GHD Platinum+ Black.

For thick, long hair, GHD offers the Gold Max. For fringes and short hair, you can try the GHD Gold Mini.

The Cloud Nine range comprises the C9 Iron and Touch Iron for hair straightening and styling. If you have thin or thick hair, you should be looking at C9 Micro Iron or C9 Wide Iron.

These models are pretty popular. Cloud Nine also offers the C9: The O Ultimate Set, which is an instant-heat roller setup.

Cost and Warranty

There’s a major difference in the brands’ starting prices. GHD’s Original Professional Styler begins at close to two hundred dollars. The C9 Iron costs upwards of three hundred dollars.

Cloud Nine offerings are usually inexpensive. GHD caters to wide strata of buyers. If you are looking for a GHD styler that is pretty much on par with Cloud Nine’s pricing, take a look at ghd’s Platinum+ line.

GHD, in fact, offers more than a handful of affordable hair straighteners. You just need to peruse the brand’s catalog to find one since it sells quite a bunch of products.

As far as warranty goes, Cloud Nine offers a 1-year warranty on its offerings. GHD one-ups Cloud Nine with its two-year warranty period.

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