New Hair Color Trends for Adding Character to Hair Styles

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A new hair color trend comes out and goes away. In keeping up with these trends, you can find a few styles that’ll resonate with your personal style.

Going with a new color can give your hair a new style and effect. When highlighted or a lowlight is used, it creates a dramatic effect that is reminiscent of the latest vogue in style.

Here are a few ideas to use for your next hairstyle:

Solid or Subtle Color Effects


This is a popular haircolor style that highlights one tone or two-tone color with a nice hint of color progression. It starts from a light tone and tends towards the heavy color shade.

Deep brown or red is used hair to add a nice touch to the hair. A mixture of blond can be added to bring up a classy look.

Dramatic Hair Color Effects

This is used to emphasize a highlight, lowlight or medium. It highlights textures and shade that adds effects to the hair. It can be done with a combination of colors to accentuate the hairstyle.

To make it dramatic, a strip of brown, purple, dark or red is added, creating a considerate and striking appearance. It’s useful for emphasizing a specific area of the hair or accentuate the overall head style.


This involves a strip of color shades with a nice blend of multiple tones. This gives the hair a good outfit/costume.

Foiling is a simple technique for achieving this look. Usign foiling, lowlights, and highlights can be entwined throughout the hair for an enhanced look.

The presence of different intensity and tones gives the hair a distinct look. They can even be styled with red, eggplant or burgundy on a different backgroud.

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