What Does 3 Inches of Hair Look Like?

Many different types of hair range from curly to straight, so determining what 3 inches of hair look like on you will all have a different appearance.

If you’re looking for a completely new hairstyle, this is what 3 inches of hair can do for you.

3 inches of Hair Can Make a Big Difference

For most men who typically enjoy short hair or perhaps a buzz cut’, allowing your hair to grow 3 inches will have a dramatic look.

This is enough hair to fully cover your forehead down to your eyebrows.

The back of your head will have hair that also reaches the nape of your neck.

This isn’t always the case with curly or wavy hair which needs to be straightened to see the difference in length.

As a rule, 3 inches of hair is perfectly suited for braiding since there is enough to make short braids that will roughly be half the length, once a braid is complete.

This length of hair is also perfect for styling and can create impressive swept-back hair to one side if you like to part your hair.

By carefully styling the hair with a curling brush 3 inches can increase the appearance of volume if you have thin straight hair.

Three inches of hair for very curly hair needs to be carefully styled using a hair pick to increase volume, while styling gels and sprays assist with achieving longer or fuller-looking hair in general.

Hair can be further styled and trimmed so that three inches will appear longer in certain areas while others are shorter to get a cleaner and stylized look.

This length of hair when spiked will have a wild and impressive look when punk-like styles are considered.

Important Notice on 3-Inches of Hair

Not to forget that — 3 inches of hair is the perfect length to add strips of color to break up sections, giving your hair more definition instead of one single color that your hair naturally grows.

It doesn’t take too long for hair to grow to 3 inches for most people and can be between 4 to 6 months on average depending on how fast your hair naturally grows.

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