Olaplex vs Monat: Which One Is BEST for Your Hair?

Looking for a side-by-side comparison of Olaplex vs Monat? You’re in the right place.

Olaplex and Monat have been around for some time, which is why many people want to know which is better when we put them together.

Know this:

Both brands are well-known for their lines that cater to damaged hair. While they are similar, many people do not have adequate information on both brands to help them make an informed buying decision.

Another thing some people don’t know is that. The fact that a company is popular doesn’t always translate to being reputable.

In fact:

Some brands like L’Oreal, for example, is extremely popular, even outside their French provinces.

However, that hasn’t stopped the brand from testing on animals. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t want to touch any of their product. But, many don’t know that.

The same thing applies to Monat and Olaplex. There are certain things that when you know them will affect the way you see both and whether you end up buying their products or not.


In this article, I’m not just going to compare both brands.

I’m going to reveal some information that you should consider before going with any of them. This should help you before and after buying the product.

Let’s start.

Treating Damaged Hair

Olaplex or Monat?
Want to Transform Your Hair? Keep Reading!

If you’re suffering from damaged hair, you want to choose the right product that’ll help you solve the issue. Even those who have luscious hair want to maintain or even improve it.

While there are a lot of brands to choose not all of them may be right for you. That’s why it’s always important to research the company you want to buy its product and select carefully.

See where I’m going?

Without that, you’ll not only end up with a bad product. But you’ll also be wasting your hard-earned money.

Do not be despair though. There are quite a few brands you can choose from that are good and are worth your investment.

Comparison of Olaplex and Monat

Monat promises to repair damaged hair but Olaplex can help with improving hair growth. If you want to protect your hair from damages from chemical services, it’s good to choose Olaplex.

Monat can be used after the fact.

On another note, Monat claims the shampoos and conditioner can help strengthen your hair structure. But I’ll wager that Olaplex does better as it helps with hair follicle strength.

Some are reporting that 35% of users witness this with Olaplex products.

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Olaplex vs Monat
Have You Seen this Olaplex Product?

Olaplex is one of the hair care brands that help you restore or repair damaged hair.

If your hair has passed through chemical, thermal, or mechanical services, the bonds may have broken. Users claim it can keep the locks in place, strong and soft.

However, it’s not a miracle product. While it does reinforce and protect your hair, it may not suddenly turn severely damaged hair into glossy, full, and flowing. If you’re going to see that result, it’ll take time.

Having said that…

The product consists of a three-stage process. The first step is for repairing the broken bonds. Hair protection and damage prevention should also begin at this stage.

The second stage is where the rebuilding and fully restoring the bonds. Step three is for use at home which is a watered-down version of the first two above. It’s designed to sustain the growth of your hair

About Monat Hair Treatment

Olaplex vs Monat
Monat Intense Repair Treatment

When it comes to hair treatment products, we can say that Monat operates similarly to Olaplex.

If you’re buying shampoo or conditioner from Monat, you may likely be faced with higher costs. This is true if you’re buying those versions that are made with natural ingredients.

While you’re paying a higher price, you’ll be getting products that are free from sulfates, parabens, harmful colors, phthalates, fragrances, sodium chloride. All of these can do damage to your hair.


One thing I don’t like about the company is that a lot of their marketing materials isn’t straight forward.

To be honest, I’ll advise you to go for Olaplex because there are class actions against the company for misleading information about their products and process.

One of their product is the Rejuvenique oil, which is extremely expensive. If you’ve been buying hair care products for a while, you probably wouldn’t want to drop a hundred dollars for hair oil.

Consider this:

If you don’t have damaged hair, you probably don’t need any expensive products.

If you’re suffering from natural damages or little dryness on the ends, you just need a proper diet, or appropriate hair treatment regime that wouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Olaplex vs Monat — Price

Know this:

As I said, Monat has a very expensive line. Olaplex is a lot cheaper. One of Monat’s popular product is the Monat’s Rejuvenique, which was mentioned above and the Revive Shampoo.

Granted, the price has dropped and may be obtained for less than 70 dollars.

But when you compare with Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo or Conditioner and even Bonding Oil from Olaplex, you’ll discover that Olaplex is a lot cheaper.

You can get two of those Olaplex products for the price of one product from Monat.

And they both have comparable performance. Aside from the affordable price, I’ll recommend Olaplex over Monat as they have a cleaner profile.

Olaplex vs Monat — Ingredients

Olaplex vs Monat
What’s this Ingredient?

The key ingredient in Monat is Capixyl, which is an ingredient that can prevent hair follicles from miniaturization.

This means that it can strengthen the hair and minimize loss by making the follicles stronger and thicker. It’s also claimed that it’ll stimulate growth in the scalp, which naturally affects hair growth.

The company tries to use natural ingredients in their product. So, you may not see any ingredients like paraben, sodium chloride, and other harmful substances in the ingredient list.


The major ingredient in Olaplex, on the other hand, is Bis-aminopropyl. It’s a patented ingredient.

According to some sources, this helps in improving the protective barrier of the hair and makes their hair softer by attaching to the hair’s cuticle and softening it.

It’s silicone but unlike others, it doesn’t lead to buildup on your scalp or hair.

Olaplex vs Monat: Conclusion

If you’re looking for hair treatment for damaged hair, Monat seems to be a very good option. However, Olaplex also has a good line for that. At a cheaper price.

I’ll advise you to pick up Olaplex instead of Monat. Not only is the result you get from Olaplex fast, but you’ll also spend lesser than if you go with Monat.

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