Garnier vs L’Oreal: Which Brand is Better?

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Want to decide between Garnier vs L’Oreal? Then you’re on the right page. At this point, I’ve published dozens of reviews on different shampoo brands, skincare, hair care, and basically a lot of beauty brands.

As a result of this, I keep coming across many more questions from users who want to decide between two brands. In this case, you may find yourself wondering which one is better between Garnier and L’Oreal.


In this article, I’ll look at these two brands, a few of their products, and how you can choose between them wisely.

As you know:

The world’s largest cosmetics manufacturer is the French company (L’Oreal), which is the famous brands Lankom, Garnier, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Garnier is a branch of the L’Oreal cosmetics company, but a significant difference exists in the price and quantity of the product.

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garnier or l'oreal

How it All Began?

The history of company Lo’Oreal begins in a small Parisian suite, continues in local hair salons, and then seduces the whole world.

L’Oreal is the heart of a company that is today the world leader in the cosmetics industry.

  • A new vision of beauty was created in Eugene’s kitchen in 1909 when he created the first hair dyes we know today;
  • In 1935 the first sunscreen was launched on the market;
  • The first hair spray was created in 1957;
  • In 1963 the joy of bathing was complemented by a first bubble bath.

Are The Products Effective?

Garnier vs L'oreal
L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner

Let us give you an example of Garnier vs L’Oreal micellar water.

  • You will agree that a healthy appearance and skincare, are more important than decoration and makeup itself, so it is very important what kind of cosmetics we use. If you pay attention to the ingredients of these micellar waters and compare them, you will see that they are the same products, and after trying it, you will be convinced;
  • L’Oreal micellar comes in 200 ml packages, while Garnier has 400 ml and available on their website for purchase.
  • Both products are intended for the face, eyes, and lips, are also suitable for sensitive skin, remove makeup, clean, soothe, and tone skin;
  • These products have no color or smell, look just like water, its gentle and insensitive on the skin.

L’Oreal also has a lot of other products that serve different purposes.

Take the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing Conditioner for example. This conditioner is designed to help you manage/treat damaged hair. And it’s suitable for natural and relaxed hair too.

Another popular product from this brand is the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Blonde Sulfate-Free Shampoo. If you’re looking for a natural shampoo, this is one of the suitable products from L’Oreal you can get.

These are just a few of the products you’ll be able to get from L’Oreal.

Garnier vs L’Oreal – Differences Between Them:

Garnier vs L'oreal
Garnier Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo

Here is the fact:

Garnier and L’Oreal differ in appearance, but some products are similar in composition. They have different qualities and factors. For example:

  • Garnier products are easy to use, and for L’Oreal, you will need the instruction manual;
  • Garnier is too cheap and L’Oreal, is ten times more expensive;
  • Both will last from one week to one month;
  • Garnier is good for regular use, and L’Oreal is used for special purposes;

Hair is an essential part of our appearance. Shiny, soft, and nourished hair is every women’s dream. This kind of look also depends on the paint we use.

There are many manufacturers in our market who assure us in their advertisements that it is with their hair color that we achieve that look. There are two types of hair colors:

  • One is that you buy at a retail store;
  • The other is a professional hair color that comes in tubes, available in salons.

Garnier vs L’Oreal Hair Colors:

  • The Garnier Color Naturals is a color shampoo from the Garnier collection that is not expensive and does not damage mush hair, so it used by many women;
  • Garnier hair colors have the highest overlap strength and flush the least;
  • L’Oreal Excellence is a hair color that is a little more expensive, but a lot of women are happy to buy it because of its existence from Garnier’s hair color.

Garnier vs L’Oreal: Quick Comparison

There are significant differences between the products you can get from both brands too, even though L’Oreal is bigger and is a mother brand to Garnier.

If you’re buying for hair color, Garnier has some advantages over L’Oreal in some areas and vice versa. L’Oreal is available in a tube while Garnier is a powder.


This makes a huge difference in usage. If you like to use powder instead of liquid, you might be drawn to Garnier.

Garnier is easier to use since it’s just a powder. L’Oreal, on the other hand, requires some guidelines to use it properly.

Also, if you want regular use, then I’ll recommend Garnier. However, if you’re using for a specific solution, L’Oreal wins here.

To help you decide, you can go with L’Oreal if you have a large budget. If not, then Garnier is a good substitute.

Garnier vs L’Oreal: Conclusion

Choosing between two beauty brands doesn’t have to be difficult.

Especially if you’re choosing a skincare or haircare brand. First of all, most of the products in this category are cheap, especially shampoos and conditioners.

Also, many people often find the course to go back and leave a review on a product. This way, you’ll find at least one review on a particular product, which will help you make an informed buying decision.

When buying though, you should consider your budget and your skin/hair type. If you have permed hair, for instance, you’ll definitely want to choose a color-safe product.

Else, you may find that the product doesn’t work for you.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, you have to look over the ingredient lists carefully. Some ingredients are very okay for sensitive skin while others may not be as good.

And oftentimes, the manufacturer won’t explain, explicitly to you. So, you have to do your homework if you want a suitable product.

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