GHD vs T3 Flat Iron: Which Brand Makes the Best Products?

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There are a lot of products from both of these brands but let’s look at GHD vs T3 Flat Iron. These are popular at the moment and many people really want to know how they compare.

It’s not hard to say why this is the case. Both GHD and T3 have been around for some time and they make truly great flat irons.

A flat iron or hair straightener offers a multi-purpose solution to your hair. The right flat iron should give a glossy, smooth finish to the hair without causing damages. Here is a quick comparison of the GHD Platinum Flat Iron vs T3 SinglePass X 1.5.

But before I go into the comparison, let’s look at the companies and their pros and cons.

GHD vs T3 Flat Iron: A Quick Comparison

I’ll recommend you go for the T3 flat iron. The fact that you can adjust the temperature is a huge plus. However, if you don’t mind testing with constant temperature or want to experiment a bit, then you can try out the GHD.

Also, T3 is less expensive than GHD so you can get a good bargain if you have a small budget. 

GHD vs T3 Flat Iron: Brand Info

Let’s look at each brand in turn. Here, you’ll not just learn about each brand but also their most popular product and how they compare with one another.

The T3 Hair Straightener Brand

T3 has continually offered, hair straighter well innovated through the latest technology. T3 brand is located in California, and the first hair straighter launched in 2003.

Pros of T3 Products

  • Very portable and light in weight for ease of carrying comes with a heat resistance cap that offers protection while storing and a perfect choice for a traveler.
  • It can straighten the hair as it creates bouncy curls, with a broader surface area offered by the ceramic plate.
  • Flexible Ceramic coated plated offer a smooth surface for straightening hair and avoid breakages and giving it a shiny finish.
  • Standard dual Voltage making it be used anywhere in the world.
  • It has a microchip that maintains sufficient temperature with five adjustable settings, making it suitable for all types of hair.
  • Automatically Switch off after being unused for one hour.
  • It offers low noise operation.

Cons of T3 Products

  • Temperature Setting buttons are not easy to control and use
  • The choice of temperature offered is not user-friendly.

GHD Hair Straightener Brand

GHD hair straightener was launched in 2001 by a UK based company, making it one of the first in the market.

Offer products that stand out in the market and being able to be recognized worldwide. GHD hair straightener is best known to works with coiled hair. It untangles the hair with one stroke.

Pros of GHD Products

  • It has a barrel that helps in curling and straightens at the same time, leaving it sleek and shiny.
  • Suitable for all length types of hair because of the round barrel that offers styling control. It has a length of 9-foot cable for all their straighteners.
  • It comes with a temperature setting that is easy to operate and allows styling more quickly as it heats up faster. It adjusts to the hair temperature that suits it without the use of heat adjustments.
  • It comes with a sleep mode that goes off if unused for 30 minutes, ensuring safety and saving on energy.
  • It has a universal voltage, meaning you can travel and use it everywhere.
  • The coated ceramic plates offer a smooth surface that heats rapidly.
  • Termed as of high quality and durable.

Cons of GHD Products

  • Only one heat setting making it unsuitable for some hair.
  • Expensive compared to other brands.
  • Snags on hair.

GHD vs T3 Flat Iron: Which Brand Does It Better?

Before going into some historical details about GHD and T3, I wanted to pair their popular flat irons. How do they compare? What are the pros and cons? And if you’re faced with the two, how do you choose the best one?

Let’s answer your questions:

GHD Platinum Flat Iron vs T3 SinglePass X 1.5

The Pricing

The first thing I’ll talk about is the price. Although both GHD Platinum and the T3 SinglePass are similar in some qualities, that’s not the case with their price.

The GHD is much more expensive than the T3 but not by a wide margin. If I’m to choose between both of them, I’ll look at another feature to support my decision.

The GHD comes with 1″ plates but the T3 SinglePass features 1.5″ plates.

If I were to choose between them, I’ll go for the T3 based on the price and the size of the place. If you’re looking for 1.0″ plates, though, the obvious choice would be the GHD.

Temperature Adjustment

Let’s talk about another metric, which is the ability to change the heat setting.

The SinglePass comes with temperature adjustment, so it allows you to change the settings based on how hot you want it to go.

Unfortunately, the GHD is lacking in this feature, which makes it inferior, in my humble opinion. I know that GHD has a name and reputation.

But if you’re comparing with T3, I don’t see why you shouldn’t dump the Black Platinum for the beautiful SinglePass. I’ll do that too.

Note: GHD claims that a constant temperature setting has the potential to give you better results. This can be true, especially for beginners. But some users are already complaining that the heat wasn’t enough, which warrants multiple passes. I thinks this speaks volumes.

Design of Power Button

Another feature I want to let you know is the placement of the power button. While the GHD has the power button inside, you’ll find the same outside on the T3.

I wouldn’t say you should choose one over the other because of this feature. However, I see this as a great way to decide between the two.

Some people love the button outside while others want it placed inside. For me, I see the on inside as being more convenient since you can’t mistakenly press on it while you’re working on your hair.

As I said, this is a personal decision to make. Finally, I like that both have auto shut-off and heats up in no time.

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