Is Younique Cruelty-Free in 2021? SHM Answers!

Is Younique Cruelty-Free? No, Younique isn’t a cruelty-free brand.

This typically means that the company sells its products (or some of it) in China. It could also be that the company conducts animal testing. Or finance third parties in testing ingredients or products on animals.

In any of these cases, a company that engages in such practices is not a cruelty-free brand. Because Younique sells some of its products in China, it’s clear the brand isn’t a cruelty-free brand.

What’s a Cruelty-free Brand

This is a brand that cares for animal welfare. And does not support, in any way, animal cruelty. Some of these companies are also vegan while others aren’t. However, what’s important is that a brand doesn’t have a hand in animal suffering.

Some vegans can argue that animals shouldn’t be killed. Nor should any testing be done on them. While the latter is what everyone should fight for, the former isn’t always feasible.

This is because animals are created, not all of them, for human consumption. Killing them properly and not letting them go through untold pain or suffering is what we all clamor for.

Of course, this might not sit well with some of our readers. But that’s just what we adopt here even though we are vehemently against testing ingredients on animals.

About Younique

Younique is a rather well-known directs sales company that specializes in skin care, body care, and beauty products.

The company has become rather popular thanks to Instagram influencers promoting their most famous and popular product (their 3D fiber lash mascara).

And to their great marketing tactics as a direct sales enterprise that allows you to become a “boss babe” (that is, to join their company by becoming an entrepreneur and selling their products).

Many influencers and entrepreneurs that sell and represent the brand have marketed is as eco-friendly, vegan, and against animal testing. But the question is, can we consider Younique to be cruelty-free?

Is Younique Cruelty-free?

A quick Google search shows that the brand is not listed in any cruelty-free database such as PETA’s “Beauty without Bunnies” or “Choose Cruelty-Free”.

When searching on its website, we can find a tab on animal testing that says that Younique does not test its products on animals.

And that the brand is in the process of trying to get a certification as a cruelty-free company that does not use animal testing.

However, they do admit that they haven’t done in-depth research on where the ingredients used in their products are sourced or manufactured. This leaves a lot of room to doubt their self-imposed “cruelty-free” label.

While they might not test their products on animals, the companies/third parties where supplying the ingredients might be doing that.

The lack of transparency on the company’s part and wobbly stance when it comes to animal cruelty makes it doubtful that they are, fully, cruelty-free.

We would like to encourage Younique to have a stronger stance against animal testing and cruelty. And also encouraging the brand to use only ethically sourced ingredients.

Those that are not sourced from companies that test on animals or from countries where animal testing is required by law.

Final Words: Is Younique Cruelty-free?

As is clear from the foregoing paragraphs, Younique isn’t one of the cruelty-free brands out there. If you’re looking for one, you may have to look for other brands.

If you love Younique but want to remain cruelty-free we encourage you to use other cruelty-free companies and to email Younique with your opinion on animal testing.

For other brands that don’t test on animals or termed “cruelty-free”, check this resource.

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