Pantene vs Sunsilk: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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Do you know that there are hundreds of people looking for a comparison of Pantene vs Sunsilk just like you? A lot of people find it a bit uneasy to choose between the two brands.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

The most obvious is that both are very popular with loyal fans. If you’re to choose one, how do you do it? That is what this article is about.

You’ll learn a little about both, how they perform, and if they’re effective.

Having said that:

Pantene vs Sunsilk: A Quick Comparison

Some of the benefits of using shampoo by Sunsilk are that most of the shampoos are reasonably priced and it can be easily found in a lot of shops and supermarkets.

Apart from that, when using the shampoo by Sunsilk, I often find that the amount of lather produced is decent and I can manage my hair a lot smoother than before after just using it for a couple of days.

As for the shampoo made by Pantene, when I first opened it, I can immediately smell a mildly sweet scent which indicates that it is a good shampoo.

Besides that, I noticed that my hair has gotten stronger than before as the number of my hair falls started to decrease with each use.


  • Pantene is aimed at 18 to 34-year-old females while Sunsilk’s target market is primarily women above 20 years
  • Pantene shampoo has a moderate and attractive smell while Sunsilk has a stronger fragrance.
  • Sunsilk can help you reconstruct damaged hair while Pantene is best for treating dandruff.
  • Pantene can assist in controlling hair fall while Sunsilk is great for strengthening the hair.
  • Pantene can moisturize your hair. Whereas, Sunsilk will leave your hair feeling silky, smooth, and manageable.
  • Use Sunsilk for softening hair and Pantene for hair shine.

Pantene vs Sunsilk: Background Info

Sunsilk and a Brief History

Sunsilk is a brand that began its journey in the UK back in the 1950s. Before the 1960s began, Sunsilk had expanded its market to 18 countries worldwide and continued growing from there.

Today, Sunsilk is sold in 80 countries globally.

Throughout the market, Sunsilk is known for having great conditioning products that will meet a variety of hair needs. Their formula promises to help nourish your hair with a recipe containing Biotin.

Pantene and a Brief History

For many people, Pantene is a household name.

Pantene has been around for decades, producing its first haircare product in the 1960s. As a haircare line, Pantene started to gain traction in 1986 after a controversial campaign.

From then on, Pantene was a name spoken in households across the world. Pantene’s parent company is Procter & Gamble, strives to reach a sustainable product at every turn.

They use Pro-Vitamin B in their products after seeing the success the vitamin had when treating burns in the 1940s.

How Effective is Pantene?

After using the shampoo by Sunsilk for more than three weeks, I find that there is a lot of things that I love about it and one of them is that the shampoo does not dry my scalp.

Apart from having a nice smell, it also makes my hair smooth, soft and shiny immediately after using it in one shower session.

On the other hand, the Pantene shampoo seems to make my hair stronger and easy to manage after I have used it for a day.

I’ve also noticed that my hair has a better gloss and shine after using the Pantene shampoo for only one day.


There are rumors of Pantene’s shampoo coating your hair in plastic instead of conditioning. Is there any real weight to that claim?


Pantene contains the standard ingredients of a shampoo. Some consumers may look to the silicones in the products as a plastic.

However, the silicone found within their formula is designed to coat your hair and smooth out the strands. With the coating of the hair comes a nasty side effect: the build-up of the product.

The wax makes your hair look great, for a little while. After a while, the wax piles on your hair and can turn what was silky smooth into an unmanageable mess.

The main issue users have, even when they enjoy the product is that it coats your hair instead of moisturizing it.

How Effective is Sunsilk?

While Sunsilk is said to have a great conditioner, the same cannot be said about their shampoo. Many people either love or hate the product. Several find Sunsilk’s shampoo to dry out their hair.

This could be due to user error though. When purchasing Sunsilk they different ranges of products.

It is important to purchase a shampoo and conditioner that will meet your specific hair needs for the best results.

The product is great for making unruly frizz, Sunsilk smoothes your strands into shiny perfection, provided you buy what meets your needs. Otherwise, you could end up with dry and brittle hair or hair that is too oily.

Side Effects of Sunsilk and Pantene Shampoo

Apart from making your hair silky smooth and smells nice, Sunsilk shampoo does have some side effects. I noticed that my hair seems to be more unmanageable and frizzy after using it for a few days.

The dry ends of my hair are also not moisturized and I need to use a conditioner before I use the Sunsilk shampoo.

As for the Pantene shampoo, the only effects that can be observed is that my hair is healthier than before and easy to manage.

I’ve been using Pantene shampoo for more than a month now and I don’t have any problems at all.

Pantene vs Sunsilk: Final Verdict

After testing the shampoos from both brands for more than a month, I find that Pantene Shampoo is suitable for those who want to have a shampoo that can make their hair stronger.

So that the number of their hair falls would be decreased.

It is also perfect for those who need shampoo to make their hair to be shinier than before.

As for those who need a shampoo that can make their hair smoother and smells nice, I would recommend them to use Sunsilk shampoo as your hair would be much smoother than before.

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