Redken vs Kerastase [Which One Is Best for You?]

Redken and Kerastase are two of the most popular hair care brands out there. 

Their products can be found in dozens and dozens of stores, whether you’re buying from your local store or online. 

The two brands have done well to garner a loyal following and people keep using their products. 

If you’re looking towards coloring your hair, maintaining its shine, or just want decent products to include in your skincare routine, you can’t go wrong with any of the two brands. 

Sometimes though, you can buy both. So, how do you decide which one is better? By looking at certain factors that will help make one brand more attractive than the other.

For example, if you’re buying on a budget, you could decide to go with a brand that has more affordable products. Or go with one that’s easily available to you.

These are just examples, In the following paragraphs, I’ll compare both Redken and Kerastase to help you decide on the best one for your needs. 

Let’s get started:

How to Compare?

If you’re looking to treat damaged hair, Redken may be a good choice. However, if you want a smoother, stronger, and manageable hair, you might want to look at Kerastase.

Two Top Companies Under One Family

Chances are that you already know that Redken and Kerastase are sister companies under the L’Oréal Professional Products Division.

They are both top beauty brands specialized in the hair product industry. Both have launched several massively successful products and continue to earn customers’ loyalties with innovative hair care products.

While Redken was founded by Jheri Redding and Paula Kent in 1960, Kerastase was founded by scientists at L’Oréal Advanced Research in 1964.

The former is still regarded as an American company while the latter has always been a French company.

Amazing Shampoos and Conditioners for Everyone

Redken vs Kerastase
Redken All Soft Shampoo

Looking at the array of products from Redken and Kerastase, there is something for everyone. When you want to maintain healthy hair, Redken has several options available for you.

They also have products that are specially formulated to correct hair issues like extreme dryness and frizz. They have launched many elegant hair care products that have been hailed by users for softness, strength, and manageability.

Most users are particularly happy about the blissful scents of Redken products.

On their part, Kerastase has a rich collection of hair care products that offer many benefits.

Many are formulated with natural and nutritive ingredients. These ingredients will improve hair health and correct thinning, frizzy hair and other common hair and scalp concerns.

Their products are mostly available at luxury salons, their e-commerce site, and few other places.

Redken vs Kerastase: Pricing Data

If you read any of our articles in this series, you’d have learned that many of these companies have similar prices. While their products might vary widely in terms of what they do, the pricing is not too far apart.

Fortunately, most are very inexpensive. If you have a couple of dollars, you can buy a very good shampoo. And if you know the right brand, choosing one isn’t going to be difficult.

I’ve once bought shampoo with just a recommendation from my friend. Thank God, I found the shampoo to be nice. No worries!

Differences that Do Not Matter Much

Though they are both great companies releasing premium haircare products under the same group, Redken and Kerastase have notable differences.

Redken happens to be a more popular brand though Kerastase has its share of loyal customers.

Redken products are also a little pricey when compared to some Kerastase shampoos and conditioners. Kerastase also offers discounts and coupons through different means while Redken doesn’t do much in that regard.

The way the two brands approach hair diagnosis is another major distinguishing factor. While the Redken Hair Diagnosis Tool can be efficient, Kerastase’s in-salon hair diagnosis appears to be far more reliable.

The diagnosis camera magnifies hair fibers up to 600x to help stylists make an accurate diagnosis before recommending personalized haircare regimen with Kerastase core hair care collections.

Choosing between Redken and Kerastase is a tough call. Both brands have quality hair care products that will keep your hair in great condition when used properly.

While Redken may have the upper hand in terms of brand awareness, Kerastase offers personalized solutions that work like magic.

It wouldn’t cause any harm to try both brands to see what works for you since their products are generally safe.

Redken vs Kerastase: Recommendations

As you can see, both brands are reputable. They both have a diverse database of shampoos and conditioners to choose from. And you don’t have to pay exorbitantly to acquire one of their products.

Most of the shampoos and conditioners they’re both offerings are inexpensive so a lot of people like you and me can get them. Unlike other luxury brands, you’ll not only have great choices to pick from but you can do it with a budget.

Finally, there are also hair treatment products that you can find from both, especially Redken. These may be more expensive but not out of the realm of common prices.


If you’re buying salon-quality products from any of them, expect to pay a lot more than just buying a shampoo. Some companies like this will also offer hair blowers, straighteners, curlers, and a lot of other equipment.

Oftentimes, these are items that are designed for and to be used by professionals. This doesn’t mean you can’t get them too.

Especially if you’re looking for professional, high-quality results. They help you get salon-like results right in your own home.

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